Thought Leadership Selling Programs

The notion of becoming a recognized “thought leader” has emerged as a top priority for sales and marketing executives. 

  • Growth-starved organizations are looking for ways to differentiate themselves by offering new ideas, education opportunities, and relevant solutions that address consumers’ pain points and influence their perceptions of value.
  • Marketing executives are learning that subject-matter expertise and a strong point of view are now essential to success in the digital, social, and mobile channels that consumers use for the majority of the buying process.
  • And sales executives are realizing that original research and compelling insights make it easier to open doors, start high-quality customer conversations, generate referrals, and cross-sell solutions.

A thought leadership program is a systematic approach to delivering new ideas, relevant advice, and compelling solutions to prospects, customers, and those who influence decision-makers, using new or existing sales, marketing, and media channels.

3-steps-to-executing-a-thought-leadership-programThe faculty of the Brand Publishing Institute can help your organization define and execute a fully integrated thought leadership marketing program that drives measurable sales outcomes by:

  • Working with you to define a thought leadership strategy, editorial agenda, and content architecture, all of which will help you focus, compile, and deliver a consistent brand image using the sales, marketing, and media channels at our disposal
  • Creating, assembling, and/or repackaging original thought leadership marketing assets that credibly differentiate your brand using unique ideas, insights, and relevant solutions that directly support your value messaging, selling story, and go-to-market process
  • Developing sales playbooks, training manuals, and value conversation tools that your people can use to effectively engage clients and drive measurable results with your target customers
  • Helping you promote, amplify, and distribute these marketing assets to targeted customers, prospects and influencers, using our unique mix of sales channels; owned and earned digital marketing channels; social media platforms; and branded co-sponsorship with global media partners and academic institutions.

TSL BPI Cover 9-5-16+The faculty of the Brand Publishing Institute has experience executing Thought Leadership Selling Programs for over a fifty market leaders such as Adobe, BB&T, CBS, Digitas, DuPont, Ernst & Young, Intuit, Newell, Oracle, PwC, and SunTrust Bank.  Let us help you leverage your marketing dollars by taking a more programmatic approach to delivering new ideas, relevant advice and compelling solutions to prospects and customers using sales, marketing and media channels.  To learn more, download a copy of our paper: Thought Leadership Selling: How to Systematically Drive Top Line Growth With Education, Ideas and Insights. This best practices report explains why Thought Leadership is so important to sales success and provides practical steps your marketing team can take to drive measurable sales outcomes deep in the sales funnel with ideas, insights, and education.