The challenge of marketing content at scale

The Challenge of Managing Content Operations at Scale

Our research found that the challenge of managing content marketing and the growing cost and complexity of content operations has emerged as a major problem for marketing executives. Many of those surveyed reported it is a huge challenge to manage the complexity, inefficiency, and ineffectiveness of their content operations, despite its growing importance in the […]

The Effectiveness of Content Marketing Directly Impacts Top Line Growth

Why Brand Publishing Has Become So Critical to Growth 96% of marketing executives surveyed agree that the effectiveness of content marketing is essential to achieving their growth goals and increasingly defines the job of the CMO.  “The quality and organization of marketing content is critical to achieving our goals – including branding, demand generation, sales and […]

Why is Brand Publishing Critical?

Why is Brand Publishing Critical? First, what is Brand Publishing? Brand Publishing is defined as the production, management, distribution, and optimization of marketing and sales content at scale.  It has become essential to the future growth of every business and critical to the success of every Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). 5 Reasons Brand Publishing is Critical […]

How Recording Academy CMO Evan Greene is Hitting All The Right Content Notes

To get insights into the changing role of the CMO in a digital world, I interviewed one of our panelists, Evan Greene, CMO of the Recording Academy. Evan’s marketing team supports hundreds of thousands of music creators and students with a wide range of music education, professional development, support, and recognition (the Grammy Awards) services.

Mike Marcellin, CMO of Juniper Networks: Delivering Personalization in Sales and Service Channels

94% of senior-level executives believe delivering personalization is critical or important to reaching customers because it differentiates the customer experience and drives better sales and marketing outcomes. But PwC Digital IQ research shows most marketers don’t execute personalization very well.
To uncover the secrets to profitably enabling and executing personalized content experiences that leverage customer data and insights, I will host of panel of CMO’s– entitled Personalization: Fusing Creative & Analytics on October 17th, 2016 at the DMA’s Strategic Summit is an exclusive, invitation-only event for Marketing Executives attending &THEN and are active VP’s and above.

Geraldine Calpin, CMO of Hilton: Redefining the Guest Experience Using Digital, Data, and Technology

In today’s environment, to deliver a superior guest experience you need to go above and beyond, and be obsessive about innovating for the guest. Never stop. Make things much simpler. Eliminate friction in the travel experience. Better recognize and reward your best customers.
And technology gives us an amazing toolkit to redefine the guest experience in game changing ways. Analytics to better understand customers. Mobile and intelligent devices to engage, track, and assist guests. Digital and social channels to communicate.
The trick is to use these technology tools to find new and better ways we can deliver white glove treatment.

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Content Governance: 12 Ways The CMO Can Control Content Quality

Taking a systematic or “federated” approach to governing content across a large organization is important because it helps the CMO better manage content quality, compliance and consistency across large, complex organizations. Better content governance significantly reduces the cost and complexity of content operations by improving earned and paid media effectiveness, speeding content to market faster, growing margins with a consistent value message, and reducing the time spent managing compliance and approvals.

Five Keys to Winning the “Direct-to-Customer” Conversation

Marketers across a wide range of industries are actively working to develop Direct-to-Customer (DTC) models that directly engage customers using social, mobile, and digital channels and devices. The number of manufacturers selling directly to consumers it expected to grow 71% this year to more than 40% of all manufacturers. And over a third of consumers report they bought directly from a brand manufacturer’s web site last year.

Connie Weaver of TIAA: Building an Experience-based Customer Engagement Brand

Connie Weaver, the Chief Marketing Officer of the financial services business TIAA, has pioneered the notion of an “engagement brand” – by redefining the TIAA brand as a customer experience. Below, I followed up with her to get more insight into what it takes to execute an experience-based brand promise from a process, systems, accountability and mindset perspective.

Three Reasons Why Marketers Deserve Boardroom Seats

Boards of directors are coming under increasing pressure from an array of stakeholders questioning their understanding of market dynamics, customers, centers of influence, competitive threats, and the customer experience.

Board members increasingly need the types of market intelligence, insights, and innovation that marketing can deliver so they can:

Brand Publishing Institute Launches Brand Publishing Acceleration Programs

The Brand Publishing Institute Launches the Brand Publishing CMO Boot Camp, An Online Executive Education Program to Teach CMOs Publishing Skills That Are Now Critical to Doing Their Jobs

Raja Banerji of Tata Consultancy Services: Executing An Editorial Discipline and Thought Leadership Agenda Across a Large Global Organization

Raja Banerji, the Chief Marketing Officer for Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Energy & Resources Business Group, Tata Consultancy Services has taken some market leading steps towards evolving marketing content operations to differentiate the customer experience with thought leadership and support account level marketing. Below, I followed up with him to get more insight into how the role of the CMO is being transformed by the need to become a publisher.

Maximizing the return on your personalization investment means optimizing your content operations

Delivering personalized experiences to customers is clearly a top priority of marketers. In fact, 94% of senior-level executives believe delivering personalization is critical or important to reaching customers according to a recent study conducted by PWC’s Digital Services group.

Listen To the “Publish or Perish” Webinar

Stephen Diorio and Trish Shortell of the Brand Publishing Institute join Bruce Rogers of Forbes to present new research to take a detailed look at how leading marketers are leveraging technology to simplify, streamline and automate the marketing content supply chain, and reduce the cost and complexity of content operations

Rishi Dave, CMO of D&B: Leading The Evolution of Marketing Content Operations

Recently a team of experts from the Forbes CMO Practice conducted interviews with leading CMOs to develop a research report entitled “Publish or Perish: A CMO Roadmap for Managing, Systematizing and Optimizing the Marketing Content Supply Chain”. The report deepens the conversation about how publishing is emerging as a critical marketing discipline that is essential to top line growth, and increasingly defines the role of the CMO.

Experience the Brand Publishing CMO Boot Camp Online Education Platform

We invite you to take the introductory class to our executive education program – The Brand Publishing Bootcamp for Chief Marketing Officers.

This modular, online, self-directed program is designed to quickly and efficiently teach CMO’s – and the marketing executives responsible for managing Marketing Content Operations – how to successfully manage the rising cost and complexity of content operations, and sustainably fuel content-intensive sales and marketing programs.

Ten Steps to Building a Brand Publishing Center of Excellence

Get A CMO Blueprint for Managing Marketing Content Operations at Scale.

This year, the Brand Publishing Institute conducted extensive research to uncover best practices to provide marketing executives a holistic methodology for organizing, optimizing, and systematizing enterprise-wide publishing processes.

Our most recent research report – Ten Steps to Building a Brand Publishing Center of Excellence – found that Brand Publishing – defined as the production, management, distribution, and optimization of marketing and sales content at scale – has become essential to the future growth of every business and critical to the success of every Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Introducing the Brand Publishing CMO Boot Camp

Brand publishing has emerged as a critical corporate competency as marketing organizations and their agencies struggle to create the high quality, contextual, well-structured marketing content essential to the success of virtually every modern marketing program. Marketing content now represents over one quarter of the sales and marketing investment in most companies and is viewed as “the life blood” of modern marketing.

The Emergence of Thought Leadership as a Sales and Marketing Discipline

The notion of establishing thought leadership has emerged as a top priority with sales and marketing executives. Growth-starved organizations are looking for ways to differentiate themselves with new ideas, education, and relevant solutions that address buyer pain and influence their perceptions of value. Marketing executives are learning that subject matter expertise and a strong point […]

Three Keys to Driving Measurable Sales Outcomes with Marketing Content

In his book Think Write Grow, Grant Butler counsels marketing executives to focus on three points of leverage – content quality, go-to-market alignment, and distribution effectiveness – if they want to drive more measurable growth outcomes from their content investment. The book raises several important issues. The bar on content quality is rising. As buyers experience […]

Content Through the Eyes of the CMO

Brand Publishing – defined as the production, management, distribution, and optimization of marketing and sales content at scale – has become essential to the future growth of every business and critical to the success of every Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). The Brand Publishing Institute surveyed hundreds of global marketing executives and subject matter experts to […]

Content Supply Chain Webinar Summary

Content Supply Chain eBook Content Supply Chain Webinar Summary from ComBlu Inc. Content Supply Chain: A free eBook that tells brands how to treat your content like an asset, grow its equity and maximize content ROI. Content Supply Chain introduces the concepts of content equity and content supply chain, provides a content strategy playbook and outlines […]

Publish or Perish: Why the CMO Must Become a Publisher to Drive Growth

Driving top line growth is the number one CEO mandate to the CMO according to Forbes Insights Research. Yet most marketing executives struggle to achieve that objective. According to D&B’s CMO Rishi Dave, only 30% of all companies achieved growth of any kind over the past year.  Despite a growing economy and lengthening CMO tenure […]

It’s Time to Get Serious About Managing the Quality and Distribution of Your Marketing Content

Marketing content has become the fuel for modern marketing systems. The quality of marketing content impacts the ability of marketers to drive top line growth with digital, social, native advertising, and mobile channels. And salespeople need insightful content to help open doors, start meaningful conversations, and sell value. These facts have led to bigger content […]

It Takes Marketing Leadership to Drive Sales Transformation

The sales profession is going through a transformation. Social, mobile, and digital media are helping buyers become better informed and raising their expectations. And the purchase process has become longer and more complex. These forces are making selling more costly, collaborative, and consultative according to Joe Galvin, who is Chief Research Officer of the MHI […]