Building a Content Marketing Center of Excellence


Getting a double-digit increase from your content marketing efforts requires a thorough understanding of the processes behind brand publishing strategy and building a content first culture. You need to optimize the entire experience for your contributors, from creating bricks to feathers. Content makes up 40-50% of digital transformation and DTC programs. Knowing how to manage it can determine whether you see a 5% revenue lift or 20%.

Webinar-In-Depth Topics:

Marketing Effectiveness – Content impacts the effectiveness of 100% of your paid, owned and earned marketing investments
Cost to Sell – Over 90% of the marketers spend time and money on content that will likely not make an impact
Repurposing Your Content – A Without well-organized processes
Executing Digital Transformation – Content makes up 40-50% of digital transformation and DTC programs

Webinar Details
Date: Tuesday, August 13th, 2017
Time: 10:00 am PT/ 1:00 pm ET

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About the Hosts

Diorio ColorStephen Diorio is an established authority in go-to-market innovation with over 25 years of experience helping sales and marketing executives to use modern sales and marketing approaches to measurably grow sales, improve marketing productivity, and differentiate the customer experience.  Mr. Diorio has worked with over 100 marketing leaders – including:  Armstrong, American Express, CBS, DuPont, IBM, Janus Funds, Morgan Stanley, Ricoh, SunTrust Bank, Staples, UPS, and US Bank – to execute leading-edge digital transformation, brand publishing, and sales enablement programs. Stephen is an expert on how technology can improve sales and marketing effectiveness – he authored the book “Beyond e: 12 Ways Technology Will Transform Sales & Marketing Strategy (McGraw-Hill)” and “Brand Publishing: A CMO Blueprint for Managing Content Operations at Scale”.

Bill ScullyBill Scully has seen the digital marketing landscape radically change year over year.With over 15 years of digital coaching, speaking, and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches business experience, his focus always returns to driving qualified traffic, and getting visitors to take action on websites.
25+ years of B2B business and sales management allows him to see the larger goal and politics beyond the individual project to focus on what’s important to be successful. Bill has served as the Director of Digital Marketing for Siemens Industry and Dräger Medical, and also acted as the International Search Engine Consultant for Siemens. He is a master at uncovering and supporting customer intent to drive traffic, and now runs Digital Marketing Fuel, LLC a digital marketing consulting company.

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