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The expert faculty of the Brand Publishing Institute has translated our Brand Publishing research, methodology, and best practices into a blueprint for managing content at scale into a text book that accompanies our proprietary online curriculum.  To support our executive education and enablement programs we offer a comprehensive 220- page text book that provides marketing executives a blueprint for managing content operations at scale.  This essential text book is designed to teach CMO’s – and their direct reports – the core competencies, systems, skills, and processes essential to successfully execute Brand Publishing in a modern sales and marketing environment.   Based on interviews with hundreds of CMOs, experts, and practitioners and original best practices research, this comprehensive report will teach your marketing team:

  1. The 10 key points of control, leverage, and scale in the Brand Publishing process that can reduce the cost and complexity of content operations;
  2. 55 specific Brand Publishing best practices to optimize the production, management, distribution and optimization of content;
  3. How and where technology can create leverage and control in the Brand Publishing process;
  4. How to build a Brand Publishing Center of Excellence to cultivate, house and disseminate essential publishing skills, systems, and tools across the company.

The text book is an instruction manual for building a Brand Publishing Center of Excellence at your company.  Based on over 2,500 hours of research, the text book sells for $500 individually.  Both digital versions and hard copies are available to marketing teams. Volume discounts are available when bought in volume, or when bundled together with our online Brand Publishing curriculum. To learn more:

Download the table of contents to accelerate your

Watch an video overview of our proprietary curriculum

Download the preface and executive summary.

The Brand Publishing text book is an essential tool for any Chief Content Officer, Digital Marketing leader, Editor in Chief, or Content Operations Executive. Contact us to arrange to get your copy today.