Our Online Education Program -The Brand Publishing CMO Boot Camp

CMO Boot Camp Big SquareThis online executive education program provides CMOs – and the marketing executives responsible for content operations – the core competencies and skills they need to effectively build and execute brand publishing in a modern sales and marketing environment. It teaches the 10 key points of leverage and scale that will allow your organization to reduce the cost and complexity of content operations at scale in a large, complex organization.

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The curriculum covers the basics of our brand publishing methodology, which is based on the publishing expertise of our faculty, and thousands of ongoing hours of research into the latest brand publishing best practices, skills, technologies, and competencies. This program will teach marketing leaders 55 actionable best practices for:

  1. Delivering more personalized customer experiences in digital, social, and mobile marketing channels
  2. Maximizing the impact of earned, owned, and paid media and digital marketing channels
  3. Consistently executing value selling in sales and service channels
  4. Maximizing the return on investment in marketing and sales enablement technology
  5. Differentiating the brand and experience in the eyes of the customer
  6. Reducing the cost and complexity of content operations.

You can experience our curriculum by taking the first class of the boot camp.