create a content marketing strategy

We have developed an efficient fact-based approach to creating content marketing strategy plans to support content operations that will ensure your organization will consistently and sustainably support your growth agenda in 2017 and beyond.

Our content operations best practices, content marketing maturity model, and content marketing benchmark assessment tools will help you and your management team quickly develop and execute a strategy for cost-effectively scaling content marketing to a publishing model by:

  1. Defining strategic goals based on the 10 key points of control, leverage, and scale in the Brand Publishing process that can reduce the cost and complexity of content marketing operations;
  2. Benchmarking where your organization stands relative to 55 specific Brand Publishing best practices to optimize the strategy, production, management, distribution, and optimization of content;
  3. Identifying, ranking and building a consensus around where the biggest opportunities to improve lie.
  4. Engaging your team to identify, rank and build a consensus about top opportunities and an action plan to drive top and bottom line growth by adoption of Brand Publishing best practices
  5. Developing an actionable 6 and 12-month strategic plan for content operations.

As an output of this program, include an integrated set of executive education, engagement and enablement tools to help organizations quickly move from content marketing strategy to consensus to budgeting and transformation as quickly and efficiently as possible. We offer your team: Deliverables include:

  1. Benchmark content marketing maturity and opportunity assessment– that quantifies where your company stands vs. best in class brand publishers in terms of your ability to produce, manage, distribute and optimize marketing content. This analysis provides a consensus, cross-functional view of the top capability gaps to address and opportunities to improve marketing performance.
  2. Content Marketing Strategy Business case for change– Support your budget, operational and investment goals by documenting, ranking, and quantifying the top opportunities and the business impact of short and long term actions.
  3. Strategic Content Marketing roadmap recommendations– to help you communicate and build management consensus for a plan to reduce the cost, cycle time, and complexity of content operations, including an outline of specific thirty day, ninety day and 180 day actions and workstreams.
  4. A fact based editorial agenda based on data from search, social, sales and sentiment analysis that ensures your content is relevant, timely and effective
  5. A content architecture to ensure the consistency and relevance of content created by every part of your organization

A content taxonomy, ontology and measurement scheme to ensure all content support specific person, pain point, stage in the customer journey.

Don’t put your 2017 growth plan at risk.  Content is the foundation of all marketing, and marketers cannot strategically leave it to product and business managers.  Contact us to arrange to develop a content operations strategy to support your investment in digital, social, mobile and sales programs at info@brandpublishinginstitute.com.