Findings From The Brand Publishing Institute – PwC “Direct to Customer” Marketing Workshop

Working hand-in-hand with a cross functional group of marketers to define and accelerate models for Direct-to-Consumer marketing, sales and engagement.DTC Banner Long

Every brand is struggling to figure out how to adapt their go-to-market and distribution models the face of:

  • An explosion of direct mobile, social and digital touchpoints for engaging customers
  • The evolution of the customer journey into an “anytime, anywhere” customer experience
  • The growing demand for relevant, timely, and personalized content experiences

These forces are creating opportunities, channel disruptions and new competitive threats for brands that sell directly as well as those that rely on intermediaries and channel partners to reach their end customers.  71% of executives strongly agree that the proliferation of customer touch points has led to the increased customer expectations according to recent research by PwC.  And according our recent analysis, most marketers are struggling to deliver personalized content experiences across digital, mobile, and social touch points from a cost, complexity and coordination standpoint. “With all these mobile, social and digital engagement options, the customer journey has morphed from a relatively linear path-to-purchase into a non-linear process where customers engage with brands in “ping pong like” interactions as they discover, shop, purchase and use offerings” says Matt Egol, of the Brand Publishing Institute Faculty.

Customer Journey

To come up with answers, the Brand Publishing Institute partnered with PwC’s Digital Services team to host an immersive one-day session focused on defining and accelerating models for Direct-to-Consumer Marketing, Sales and Engagement.

On May 17th in Miami, our team worked hand-in-hand with a select group of marketing leaders from non-competitive companies  at  PwC’s State of the Art Digital Experience Center for highly collaborative and output driven working session.

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Hear What the Marketers In Our Workshop Learned

Using a scientifically proven approach, in one highly productive day, we developed a plan to:

  • Fuse market trends, client examples, technologies with our collective ideas, and experiences to create winning concepts;
  • Zero in on the critical touch points and experiences where brands can build competitive advantage in 2020;
  • Identify the essential capabilities in the content supply chain to deliver the real-time, configurable, and “channel agnostic” content needed to support future engagement models;
  • Uncover ways your company can accelerate it’s direct-to-consumer efforts to leverage your unique strengths and create competitive advantage.

The session included a mix subject matter experts and executives in eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and Customer Experience from a variety of industries, including: CPG, Travel and Hospitality, Technology, Entertainment and Media, as well as traditional Direct Marketers.  By cross fertilizing the experiences and perspectives of these market leaders, we systematically:

  1. Identified the top opportunities to improve speed to market and get closer to customers with more direct mobile and digital interaction;
  2. Anticipated disruptions to established distribution models and channel relationships so they can be proactively managed;
  3. Agreed on the most promising new models for delivering value, building brand advocacy, and loyalty;
  4. Flagged the top threats from new competitors and direct engagement models.

If this is a critical issue to your team, and you want learn more about the findings of this working session or our DTC best practices, please contact Stephen Diorio at 203-227-6020.

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