Experience the Brand Publishing CMO Boot Camp Online Education Platform

We invite you to take the introductory class to our executive education program – The Brand Publishing Bootcamp for Chief Marketing Officers. 

This modular, online, self-directed program is designed to quickly and efficiently teach CMO’s – and the marketing executives responsible for managing Marketing Content Operations – how to successfully manage the rising cost and complexity of content operations, and sustainably fuel content-intensive sales and marketing programs.boot camp idap

Taking this introductory class will give you an understanding of the business reasons for taking this course and a good sense of the quality, usefulness and structure of the course.  As well as the learning outcomes and goals of this executive education curriculum.

The classes are organized to efficiently teach marketing leaders and thier the ten key points of leverage, control, and scale in your companies publishing process –  and fifty-five actionable best practices for streamlining, simplifying and gaining control of their publishing processes.

This foundational class will teach the basics our Brand Publishing Methodology – which is based on the publishing expertise of our expert faculty and thousands of ongoing hours of research into the latest brand publishing best practices, skills, technologies and competencies.

This trial will illustrate how our online education platform is designed to program quickly focuses executives on the ten key points of leverage, scale and control in the Brand Publishing process.  Each class – or icon – represents one of the ten things marketers have to get right to succeed.

The program is flexible, modular – and self-paced.  For example, busy executives can surf across the ten competencies to get perspective on what is needed to achieve your goals.  Or drill down into detailed class notes, resources, and research in areas of critical interest. And you can study at your desktop, on the road, or while driving the car.

And of course the expert faculty of the Brand Publishing Institute is available to help you with the education, advice, and services to transfer these best practices to your entire team, and jump start your efforts to optimize the management and distribution of marketing content at scale

Enjoy the class.

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