Experience The CMO Boot Camp Online Education Program

Thank you for taking advantage of the opportunity to try out  take the introductory class to our executive education program – The Brand Publishing Bootcamp for Chief Marketing Officers. 

Trying this introductory class should give you a good sense of how our online education platform is designed to program quickly focuses executives on the ten key points of leverage, scale, and control in the Brand Publishing process. Each class – or icon – represents one of the ten things marketers have to get right to succeed

After taking this introductory class you will have a good understanding of the business reasons for taking this course and a solid sense of the quality, usefulness and structure of the course.  As well as the learning outcomes and goals of this executive education curriculum.

Try The First Class for Free at This Link

After you try out class, our faculty can arrange to get your management team started on our executive education program so they can quickly learn, apply and share the core competencies and skills your organization. This will help you team to sustainably create the well organized and highly effective marketing needed to drive growth, and  reduce the cost and complexity of content operations at scale in a large complex organization.

This program will teach marketing leaders fifty actionable best practices for streamlining, simplifying and gaining control of their publishing processes. By taking this class, your team will walk away with practical ways to:

  1. Delivering more personalized customer experiences in digital, social and mobile marketing channels;
  2. Maximize the impact of earned, owned and paid media and digital marketing channels;
  3. Consistently executing value selling in sales and service channels;
  4. Maximize the ROI of your investment in marketing and sales enablement technology;
  5. Differentiate the brand and customer experience in the eyes of the customer;
  6. Reduce the cost and complexity of content operations