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Trish Shortell Leads a CMO Panel on the Changing Face of the M-suite

On October 17, Trish Shortell, managing director at RSR Partners, will host a panel at DMA’s Strategic Summit to examine these fundamental issues and more. Composed of four highly regarded leaders in the field, the panel – entitled “The Changing Face of the M-suite” – will address marketing’s need to shift into higher gear and identify:

• The M-suite’s role and how it is becoming more influential to overall business success;
• The increasing pressure and expectations;
• The use of data and analytics, their most important challenge; and
• The new skills set needed for transformation, and how to acquire them.

Three Reasons Why Marketers Deserve Boardroom Seats

Boards of directors are coming under increasing pressure from an array of stakeholders questioning their understanding of market dynamics, customers, centers of influence, competitive threats, and the customer experience.

Board members increasingly need the types of market intelligence, insights, and innovation that marketing can deliver so they can: