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Experience the Brand Publishing CMO Boot Camp Online Education Platform

We invite you to take the introductory class to our executive education program – The Brand Publishing Bootcamp for Chief Marketing Officers.

This modular, online, self-directed program is designed to quickly and efficiently teach CMO’s – and the marketing executives responsible for managing Marketing Content Operations – how to successfully manage the rising cost and complexity of content operations, and sustainably fuel content-intensive sales and marketing programs.

Ten Steps to Building a Brand Publishing Center of Excellence

Get A CMO Blueprint for Managing Marketing Content Operations at Scale.

This year, the Brand Publishing Institute conducted extensive research to uncover best practices to provide marketing executives a holistic methodology for organizing, optimizing, and systematizing enterprise-wide publishing processes.

Our most recent research report – Ten Steps to Building a Brand Publishing Center of Excellence – found that Brand Publishing – defined as the production, management, distribution, and optimization of marketing and sales content at scale – has become essential to the future growth of every business and critical to the success of every Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Watch Our “Bridging the Sales Productivity Gap” Best-Practices Webinar

Sales enablement offers a potent formula for improving sales productivity. Skills, content, technology – the pieces are all there, but so are the challenges. How do you execute in a way that’s scalable, repeatable, and effective? In other words, how do you make sales enablement work? In this webinar, Stephen Diorio – Director of the Brand Publishing […]

Introducing the Brand Publishing CMO Boot Camp

Brand publishing has emerged as a critical corporate competency as marketing organizations and their agencies struggle to create the high quality, contextual, well-structured marketing content essential to the success of virtually every modern marketing program. Marketing content now represents over one quarter of the sales and marketing investment in most companies and is viewed as “the life blood” of modern marketing.

The Brand Publishing CMO Boot Camp Overview

The Brand Publishing Boot Camp for Chief Marketing Officers was created by the faculty of The Brand Publishing Institute to help CMO’s and the executives charged with managing content operations master the ten core competencies for: Planning and producing the content they need to execute on their growth agenda and support modern marketing programs; Reducing […]

Brand Publishing Executive Workshop Overview

The Brand Publishing Institute offers on site Executive Workshops to teach marketing leaders and the their extended teams practical and fundamental ways to plan, source, target, manage, distribute and track highly effective marketing content that drives measurable for their organizations. This four hour on-site executive workshop is designed to teach CMO’s and their extended team’s […]

Webinar – Learn How The CMO Can Drive Sales Transformation

Watch the Webinar – Learn How The CMO Can Drive Sales Transformation The sales profession is going through a transformation. Social, mobile, and digital media are helping buyers become better informed and raising their expectations. And the purchase process has become longer and more complex. These forces are making selling more costly, collaborative, and consultative according […]

Three Keys to Driving Measurable Sales Outcomes with Marketing Content

In his book Think Write Grow, Grant Butler counsels marketing executives to focus on three points of leverage – content quality, go-to-market alignment, and distribution effectiveness – if they want to drive more measurable growth outcomes from their content investment. The book raises several important issues. The bar on content quality is rising. As buyers experience […]

It’s Time to Get Serious About Managing the Quality and Distribution of Your Marketing Content

Marketing content has become the fuel for modern marketing systems. The quality of marketing content impacts the ability of marketers to drive top line growth with digital, social, native advertising, and mobile channels. And salespeople need insightful content to help open doors, start meaningful conversations, and sell value. These facts have led to bigger content […]