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Connie Weaver of TIAA: Building an Experience-based Customer Engagement Brand

Connie Weaver, the Chief Marketing Officer of the financial services business TIAA, has pioneered the notion of an “engagement brand” – by redefining the TIAA brand as a customer experience. Below, I followed up with her to get more insight into what it takes to execute an experience-based brand promise from a process, systems, accountability and mindset perspective.

Findings From The Brand Publishing Institute – PwC “Direct to Customer” Marketing Workshop

Working hand-in-hand with a cross functional group of marketers to define and accelerate models for Direct-to-Consumer marketing, sales and engagement. Every brand is struggling to figure out how to adapt their go-to-market and distribution models the face of: An explosion of direct mobile, social and digital touchpoints for engaging customers The evolution of the customer […]

Raja Banerji of Tata Consultancy Services: Executing An Editorial Discipline and Thought Leadership Agenda Across a Large Global Organization

Raja Banerji, the Chief Marketing Officer for Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Energy & Resources Business Group, Tata Consultancy Services has taken some market leading steps towards evolving marketing content operations to differentiate the customer experience with thought leadership and support account level marketing. Below, I followed up with him to get more insight into how the role of the CMO is being transformed by the need to become a publisher.

Listen To the “Publish or Perish” Webinar

Stephen Diorio and Trish Shortell of the Brand Publishing Institute join Bruce Rogers of Forbes to present new research to take a detailed look at how leading marketers are leveraging technology to simplify, streamline and automate the marketing content supply chain, and reduce the cost and complexity of content operations

Rishi Dave, CMO of D&B: Leading The Evolution of Marketing Content Operations

Recently a team of experts from the Forbes CMO Practice conducted interviews with leading CMOs to develop a research report entitled “Publish or Perish: A CMO Roadmap for Managing, Systematizing and Optimizing the Marketing Content Supply Chain”. The report deepens the conversation about how publishing is emerging as a critical marketing discipline that is essential to top line growth, and increasingly defines the role of the CMO.

Read the “Publish or Perish” Report

Brand publishing – the creation, management and distribution of marketing and sales content at scale – has become essential the future growth of every business. Marketing content now represents over one quarter of the sales and marketing investment in most companies and is viewed as “the life blood” of modern marketing.