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Listen to the “Publish or Perish” Webinar

Listen to a 45-minute discussion of how the best marketers are making the transition from marketer to publisher by establishing internal systems and processes to plan, create, manage, distribute and optimize content operations at scale in a large and complex company. During this webinar, Stephen Diorio, the Director of the Brand Publishing Institute will share original best practices research and practical examples drawn from interviews with hundreds of leading marketers across the globe.

How Recording Academy CMO Evan Greene is Hitting All The Right Content Notes

To get insights into the changing role of the CMO in a digital world, I interviewed one of our panelists, Evan Greene, CMO of the Recording Academy. Evan’s marketing team supports hundreds of thousands of music creators and students with a wide range of music education, professional development, support, and recognition (the Grammy Awards) services.

Improving Sales Effectiveness with Brand Content

Yesterday, I spoke to a group of marketing and distribution executives about ways to improve sales effectiveness at the Wheelhouse Annual Conference: Doing More for Less: Creating a More Efficient Industry. The talk focused on the huge impact marketing content has on sales effectiveness and cost to sell in today’s selling environment.Our research with hundreds of leading organizations – including Asset Management leaders like Legg Mason, Janus and the Hartford Group – has taught us that content is the silent killer of sales effectiveness and the fuel that drives 100% of the executive growth agenda

How to Execute A Thought Leadership Selling Program

How to Execute A Thought Leadership Selling Program  The notion of establishing thought leadership has emerged as a top priority as growth-starved organizations look to differentiate themselves with new ideas, education, and relevant solutions that address buyer pain and influence their perceptions of value. Thought Leadership Selling Programs take a systematic approach hto delivering new […]

Mike Marcellin, CMO of Juniper Networks: Delivering Personalization in Sales and Service Channels

94% of senior-level executives believe delivering personalization is critical or important to reaching customers because it differentiates the customer experience and drives better sales and marketing outcomes. But PwC Digital IQ research shows most marketers don’t execute personalization very well.
To uncover the secrets to profitably enabling and executing personalized content experiences that leverage customer data and insights, I will host of panel of CMO’s– entitled Personalization: Fusing Creative & Analytics on October 17th, 2016 at the DMA’s Strategic Summit is an exclusive, invitation-only event for Marketing Executives attending &THEN and are active VP’s and above.

Geraldine Calpin, CMO of Hilton: Redefining the Guest Experience Using Digital, Data, and Technology

In today’s environment, to deliver a superior guest experience you need to go above and beyond, and be obsessive about innovating for the guest. Never stop. Make things much simpler. Eliminate friction in the travel experience. Better recognize and reward your best customers.
And technology gives us an amazing toolkit to redefine the guest experience in game changing ways. Analytics to better understand customers. Mobile and intelligent devices to engage, track, and assist guests. Digital and social channels to communicate.
The trick is to use these technology tools to find new and better ways we can deliver white glove treatment.

Content Governance: 12 Ways The CMO Can Control Content Quality

Taking a systematic or “federated” approach to governing content across a large organization is important because it helps the CMO better manage content quality, compliance and consistency across large, complex organizations. Better content governance significantly reduces the cost and complexity of content operations by improving earned and paid media effectiveness, speeding content to market faster, growing margins with a consistent value message, and reducing the time spent managing compliance and approvals.

Stephen Diorio and Leading CMOs Will Discuss Enabling Personalized Content Experiences at the DMA Strategic CMO Summit

On October 17th, 2016, Stephen Diorio, Director of the Brand Publishing Institute will host of panel of CMO’s to discuss the secrets to successfully enabling and executing personalized content experiences that leverage first and third party data to build unique, authentic experiences wherever customers interact with their brand. The panel – entitled Personalization: Fusing Creative & Analytics – will draw upon original best practices research conducted by Brand Publishing Institute and PwC with hundreds of CMOs, Mr. Diorio will lead a discussion about the keys to enabling a content supply chain that supports personalization at scale in digital marketing, sales and media touch points.

Five Keys to Winning the “Direct-to-Customer” Conversation

Marketers across a wide range of industries are actively working to develop Direct-to-Customer (DTC) models that directly engage customers using social, mobile, and digital channels and devices. The number of manufacturers selling directly to consumers it expected to grow 71% this year to more than 40% of all manufacturers. And over a third of consumers report they bought directly from a brand manufacturer’s web site last year.