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The Challenge of Managing Content Operations at Scale

Our research found that the challenge of managing content marketing and the growing cost and complexity of content operations has emerged as a major problem for marketing executives. Many of those surveyed reported it is a huge challenge to manage the complexity, inefficiency, and ineffectiveness of their content operations, despite its growing importance in the […]

The Effectiveness of Content Marketing Directly Impacts Top Line Growth

Why Brand Publishing Has Become So Critical to Growth 96% of marketing executives surveyed agree that the effectiveness of content marketing is essential to achieving their growth goals and increasingly defines the job of the CMO.  “The quality and organization of marketing content is critical to achieving our goals – including branding, demand generation, sales and […]

Why is Brand Publishing Critical?

Why is Brand Publishing Critical? First, what is Brand Publishing? Brand Publishing is defined as the production, management, distribution, and optimization of marketing and sales content at scale.  It has become essential to the future growth of every business and critical to the success of every Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). 5 Reasons Brand Publishing is Critical […]