Whitepaper Cover ImageThis year, the Brand Publishing Institute conducted extensive research to uncover best practices that would provide marketing executives with a holistic methodology for organizing, optimizing, and systematizing enterprise-wide publishing processes.

Our most recent research white paper, 10 Steps to Building a Brand Publishing Center of Excellence, found that brand publishing – defined as the production, management, distribution, and optimization of marketing and sales content at scale – has become essential to the future growth of every business, and critical to the success of every CMO. Publishing has emerged as a management competency critical to the success of the digital marketing, social media, and sales enablement programs that drive growth. Marketing executives overwhelmingly agree that without effective marketing content – including videos, white papers, collateral, articles, case studies, blogs, and training – these advanced sales and marketing systems will not produce the results they need.

In order to successfully produce, manage, and distribute marketing content at a significant level of scale, marketers will need to rethink their content operations, and fundamentally shift the content cost and performance curve. “The pressure to differentiate the brand, use more channels, and manage complexity is growing fast – to the point that doing business the same way will not work,” says Connie Weaver, CMO of TIAA-CREF. “Current processes will not scale. You need to adapt and re-engineer your processes.”

To lead this transformation, marketing executives are increasingly casting themselves in the role of publisher. “At this point, most brands have decided that they are publishers,” says Kathy Baughman, Director of the Brand Publishing Institute, and one of the authors of the white paper. “Now they are trying to figure out the nuts and bolts of what publishing means in a corporate marketing environment from a people, process, incentives, skills, and systems perspective.”

Ninety-three percent of the CMOs surveyed for the white paper view the creation, management, and distribution of marketing content as a primary responsibility for the marketing organization. The majority report that they own the planning, governance, and distribution of content in media and sales channels. According to Tim Vellek, Senior Vice-President of Marketing at Ricoh Americas: “Content has a huge impact on growth, on everything we do in marketing. So now I have become a publisher. I hold the purse strings. I set the direction. The editor-in-chief reports to me.”

Marketers who do not optimize their publishing process are putting their growth plans at risk. As marketers adopt more advanced marketing practices, the volume of marketing content and the complexity of managing it will continue to grow. Over time, the demand for well-organized, high-quality marketing content threatens to outgrow the labor-intensive content production and management systems that prevail in most marketing organizations. At the end of the day, marketers will not be able to “write” or “spend” their way out of this problem. They will have to change. “CMOs that do not make the transition from marketing to publishing (content, curation, and community) put their growth strategies – and careers – at risk,” says Brad McLane, Managing Director of RSR Partners.

Over 90 percent of CMOs agree that their organization must transform into a publishing function if they are to execute on their growth agenda, and manage the rising cost and complexity of content operations. Many have begun the process of transitioning to a publishing model so they can sustainably create the content needed to achieve their growth goals. Leaders are re-engineering outdated marketing processes, adding new publishing skills, editorial management structures, and technology platforms.

But most marketing executives don’t know how to apply the principles of publishing to their marketing operations. And they want help.

To help CMOs find more effective ways to plan, produce, deliver, and optimize highly personalized and engaging content across sales, marketing, and media channels, the Brand Publishing Institute offers on-site Brand Publishing Executive Workshops to teach marketing leaders and their extended teams how they can plan, source, target, manage, distribute, and track highly effective marketing content that drives measurable results for their organizations.

The workshops are designed and delivered by the faculty of the Brand Publishing Institute to help CMOs and the executives charged with managing content operations:

  • Plan and produce the content they need to execute on their growth agenda and support modern marketing programs
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of managing marketing content operations at scale
  • Transition their organizations from a traditional marketing model to a publishing model.

Each four-hour on-site executive workshop is designed to teach CMOs and their extended teams practical ways to sustainably create the high-quality marketing content they need to grow, while managing the cost and complexity of content operations. Using our proprietary brand publishing methodology, best-practices research workbooks, and online certification program, experts from the Brand Publishing Institute will teach marketing teams the 10 core competencies they can apply in day-to-day content operations, to help them:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how they support the publishing process in their organization
  • Meet changing customer expectations for relevant, insightful, and interactive content
  • Reduce the cost of sourcing, managing, and distributing content across the enterprise
  • Increase the use of and return on investment in mobile, social, and digital marketing technologies
  • Execute on targeting and analytics to deliver personalized content experiences
  • Quickly and proactively deliver the right content to sales teams in selling situations
  • Plan, produce, and target marketing content that achieves collective business goals.

This program will benefit the CMO and the first line of managers, practitioners, agencies, and contributors, all of whom need to work as a team to produce, manage, distribute, and optimize the marketing content essential to the corporate growth agenda. Our team will customize an agenda to suit your process and business goals.

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