The Effectiveness of Content Marketing Directly Impacts Top Line Growth

Why Brand Publishing Has Become So Critical to Growth

96% of marketing executives surveyed agree that the effectiveness of content marketing is essential to achieving their growth goals and increasingly defines the job of the CMO.  “The quality and organization of marketing content is critical to achieving our goals – including branding, demand generation, sales and employee engagement,” according to John Costello, the President of Global Marketing and Innovation at Dunkin Brands.

For example, over 70% of the marketing executives surveyed believe the effectiveness of content marketing directly impacts their ability to drive top line growth with digital, social, and mobile technologies and supports core branding, demand generation, and value selling programs.

content critial to growth

Brand Publishing accelerates growth by providing the fuel that runs effective targeted, personalized, content marketing and sales enablement programs.  For example, compelling and actionable content is important to getting responses from earned, owned and paid media investments.  The quality of content – thought leadership or entertainment value – is now critical to differentiating the brand and driving engagement. Selling stories, ROI models, and customer case studies are essential to supporting “value conversations” that accelerate sales, drive margin, and change minds.  And without content governance, it is impossible to deliver personalized digital experiences in digital, social and mobile channels.  In addition, streamlining the process for planning, creating and delivering insights and offerings to customers creates competitive advantage by increasing speed to market and agility.


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