Why is Brand Publishing Critical?

Why is Brand Publishing Critical?

First, what is Brand Publishing?

Brand Publishing is defined as the production, management, distribution, and optimization of marketing and sales content at scale.  It has become essential to the future growth of every business and critical to the success of every Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

5 Reasons Brand Publishing is Critical to the Success of the CMO5 reasons cmo content marketing brand publishing

Publishing has emerged as a management competency critical to the success of the digital marketing, social media and sales enablement programs that drive growth. Marketing executives overwhelmingly agree that without effective marketing content – including videos, white papers, collateral, articles, case studies, blogs, and training – these advanced sales and marketing systems will not produce the results they need.

Over 90% of CMOs agree that their organizations must morph into a publishing function in order to execute on their growth agenda, and manage the rising cost and complexity of content operations. Many have begun the process of transitioning to a publishing model so they can sustainably create the content needed to achieve their growth goals. Leaders are re-engineering outdated marketing processes, adding new publishing skills, editorial management structures, and technology platforms.

But most marketing executives don’t know how to apply the principles of publishing to their marketing operations. And they want help.  CMO’s are looking for more effective ways to deliver highly personalized and engaging content across sales, marketing, and media channels. They also need to find sustainable and cost effective ways to produce and manage content at the scale needed to support growth.

Brand Publishing accelerates growth by providing the fuel that runs targeted, personalized, content-based marketing and sales enablement programs. For example, compelling and actionable content is important to getting response from earned, owned and paid media investments. The quality of content – thought leadership or entertainment value – is now critical to differentiating the brand and driving engagement. Selling stories, ROI models, and customer case studies are essential to supporting “value conversations” that accelerate sales, drive margins, and change minds. And without well- targeted and “modular” content, it is impossible to deliver personalized digital experiences in digital, social and mobile channels. In addition, streamlining the process for planning, creating and delivering insights, and offerings to customers creates competitive advantage by increasing speed to market and agility.


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