Learn how asset managers can improve sales effectiveness by better managing their marketing content

Yesterday, I spoke to a group of marketing and distribution executives about improving sales effectiveness at the Wheelhouse Annual Conference: Doing More for Less: Creating a More Efficient Industry.  The talk focused on the huge impact marketing content has on sales effectiveness and cost to sell in today’s selling environment.Our research with hundreds of leading organizations – including Asset Management leaders like Legg Mason, Janus and the Hartford Group – has taught us that content is the silent killer of sales effectiveness and the fuel that drives 100% of the executive growth agenda.  If you missed it, you can watch the entire presentation here:
Why is content so important to sales effectiveness? The numbers tell the story:

    • Sales and marketing content makes up over a quarter of spending but well over 80 % of it is not be found or used by salespeople
    • Most marketing content does not support consistent and valuable conversations with advisors
    • Few businesses know if content is being used, whether it moves assets, or how to make it better

With all the focus on data, digital channels and analytics – and the help of folks like Wheelhouse Analytics – sales leaders can figure out who to call with a high degree of granularity.  The big problem is – what do you say?  Most of the investments asset managers are making in value selling methods, fund manager research, product tear sheets and brand building campaigns don’t provide the answer.  And if the answer does exist, it lies between the ears of the best fund managers and distribution reps, or in a white paper unknown to most of the distribution organization.
The good news is there are practical and common sense and highly profitable things any organization can do today to dramatically improve the effectiveness of content and drive sales.how-to-do-more-with-less

Improving Sales Effectiveness 

I cover these in depth in my speech, and in the Brand Publishing methodology outlined in detail in this report: Ten Steps to Building a Brand Publishing Center of Excellence

And technology can provide real leverage here.  Our research with Forbes found technology needs can help in some major areas – helping reps sell value, differentiate the brand, and create relevant presentations.  Products like Wheelhouse Builder are simple to deploy, but they can dramatically boost sales effectiveness by automating the targeting, distribution and measurement of content.sales-enablement-stats
To learn more, read our report: Ten Steps to Building a Brand Publishing Center of Excellence or contact us at 203-227-6020
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