Content Governance

12 Levers CMO’s Can Use to Govern Content in a Large, Complex, Global Organization

High quality marketing content has become so essential to executing their growth agenda that 93% of CMOs view themselves as publishers.  59% are heavily involved in controlling the quality, constancy, compliance and relevance of marketing content in their company.  Content governance is a big priority because the inability to control content at scale in a large organization drives up the cost, time, and complexity involved in executing growth programs.CMO Chart

Unfortunately, the marketing executives interviewed almost universally agree that getting control over content in a large complex global organization using conventional “top down” management approaches is impossible.   According to Carlos Abler, VP of Content at 3M, “Governance in a complex organization like 3M – with over 200,000 products, 30 divisions, 100 geographies, and 5 business units – is almost impossible.  The notion of taking a top down organizational approach to governing content is untenable.  The disconnect between the corporate center where brand standards live, and what front line marketing and sales management deals with day to day is too great. An alternative approach is needed. You need to pick your spots, using a federated approach to controlling content.   As a practical matter, we focus on governing content using specific control points:

  • A universal targeting taxonomy
  • And editorial structure – the 3M Newsroom
  • Establishing and enforcing content quality standards – for SEO
  • Developing brand journalism skills in our line marketing teams”

Leading marketers are looking for practical structures, tools and systems that allow them to control content quality and compliance while allowing sales and marketing professionals the freedom to plan, produce and distribute marketing content they feel is best for the segments, territories and businesses units they support.

What is Content Governance?

Content governance is a varied set structures, tools, skills and solutions that provide corporate marketing control the quality and compliance of marketing content assets across large complex enterprises.  These approaches help corporate marketing teams establish practical points of control for managing, cataloging, approving and optimizing content assets across silos, business units, practice areas and geographies.  It involves a mix of competencies including:

  • The basic tools and principles of managing content – such as editorial guidelines, targeting taxonomy, brand approval checklists, and content audits;
  • Management approaches for controlling content quality, consistency, relevance, refresh and retirement over time;
  • Advanced systems and tools to help catalog, manage, approve and optimize content assets across silos, SBU, practice areas and geographies – such as quality control software and content coverage heat maps

How Does Content Governance Create Business Value?

Taking a systematic or “federated” approach to governing content across a large organization is important because it helps the CMO better manage content quality, compliance and consistency across large, complex organizations. Better content governance significantly reduces the cost and complexity of content operations by improving earned and paid media effectiveness, speeding content to market faster, growing margins with a consistent value message, and reducing the time spent managing compliance and approvals. For example, the Content Marketing team at 3M was able to improve response rates by 300% by putting in place content quality and relevance controls.

Content Governance creates business value by:

1.     Growing margins and win rate with consistent value messages

2.     Reducing time spent managing approvals and compliance

3.     Improving the effectiveness of paid, owned, and earned media

4.     Increasing the speed to market with faster approvals

How Can Your Organization Put in Place a World Class Content Governance Model?Content Governance Levers

Smart marketers are managing the 12 content key points of leverage, scale and control they can exert over their content planning, production and distribution from the corporate center.   To learn how your business can use these to get control over your content quality, consistency, and effectiveness, listen to Stephen Diorio and Grant Butler of the Brand Publishing Institute  share original best practices research and practical examples drawn from interviews with hundreds of leading marketers across the globe. In this 30 minute webinar, they will explain the twelve levers enterprise marketers are using to govern quality, and how you can put in place a “federated” operating model for governing content quality, consistency, and compliance at scale.Content Governance Webinar

You can watch the webinar at this link.  To learn more about our Content Governance classes, services and solutions by contacting the Brand Publishing Institute at 203-227-6020