WEBINAR RECORDING – 12 Levers CMOs Can Pull To Govern the Quality, Consistency and Compliance of Their Marketing Content in a Complex Organization


Content has become so essential to executing their growth agenda that 93% of CMOs view themselves as publishers. Most marketing executives report they are heavily involved in controlling the quality, constancy, compliance, and Content Governance Leversrelevance of marketing content in their company.  Content governance is a priority for marketing executives because the inability to control content at scale in a large organization drives up the content cost and complexity.

Unfortunately, the marketing executives interviewed almost universally agree that getting control over content in a large complex global organization using conventional “top down” management approaches is impossible.

Join us for a 30-minute talk about the practical points of control that corporate marketing teams are establishing to help them manage, catalog, approve, and optimize a growing tide of content assets across silos, business units, and geographies.

During our discussion, Stephen Diorio and Grant Butler of the Brand Publishing Institute will share original best practices research and practical examples drawn from interviews with hundreds of leading marketers across the globe.

Our discussion will cover:

  • Twelve levers enterprise marketers are using to govern quality, consistency, and compliance.
  • A “federated” operating model for governing content quality, consistency, and compliance at scale.
  • How Lenovo is using these systems to manage the cost, consistency, and effectiveness of thousands of content assets across 31 local markets.
  • Examples of how leading brands are establishing content standards and guidelines for enforcing content and messaging standards during content planning and creation.

You can watch a recording of our webinar at this link, or you can learn more about our Content Governance classes, services and solutions by contacting the Brand Publishing Institute at 203-227-6020

Listen to Webinar Graphic 8-28-16