The Brand Publishing Institute Launches the Brand Publishing CMO Boot Camp, An Online Executive Education Program to Teach CMOs Publishing Skills That Are Now Critical to Doing Their Jobs

Proprietary new online education platform quickly teaches CMOs the 10 key points of control, leverage, and scale in the Brand Publishing process and 55 specific best practices that can reduce the cost and complexity of their content operations

(March 15, 2016). Today, the Brand Publishing Institute launched an online education program designed to teach CMO’s – and their direct reports – the core competencies, systems, skills, and processes they will need to build to successfully execute Brand Publishing in a modern sales and marketing environment.

The proprietary online education platform – The Brand Publishing Boot Camp – is designed to help busy marketing executives quickly you master the Ten Core Competencies they will need to fuel their growth plans with well organized, affordable and highly effective marketing content.

This modular, online, self-directed program is designed to quickly and efficiently teach CMO’s the Publishing skills which are now essential to their job.

According to Brad McClane, a Managing Director of RSR Partners specializing in marketing and a faculty member – “CMO’s that do not make the transition from marketing to publishing (content, curation and community) put their growth strategies – and careers- at risk”.

Brand Publishing – which is the production, management, distribution, and optimization of marketing content at scale – has emerged as a critical corporate competency essential to every major program on the executive growth agenda.  According to reach conducted by the Brand Publishing institute, 96% of CMOs agree that the quality, organization, and structure of their marketing content is essential to achieving their growth goals, and increasingly defines their jobs.

The easy to use online curriculum covers the essentials of our brand publishing methodology.  “Marketers who do not optimize their publishing process are putting their growth plans at risk”, according to Stephen Diorio, the Director of the Brand Publishing Institute. “Our research shows that content is not essential to executing every aspect of the executive growth agenda of every company. And as marketers adopt more-advanced marketing practices, the volume of marketing content and the complexity of managing it will continue to grow. Over time, the demand for well-organized, high-quality marketing content threatens to outgrow the labor-intensive content production and management systems that prevail in most marketing organizations”.

This proprietary education program is based on the publishing expertise of our expert faculty, hundreds of interviews with CMOs, and thousands of ongoing hours of best practices research into the latest brand publishing best practices, skills, technologies, and competencies. This program will teach marketing leaders 55 actionable best practices for:

  • Delivering more personalized customer experiences in digital, social, and mobile marketing channelsboot-camp-idapA
  • Maximizing the impact of earned, owned, and paid media and digital marketing channels
  • Consistently executing value selling in sales and service channels
  • Maximizing the return on investment in marketing and sales enablement technology
  • Differentiating the brand and experience in the eyes of the customer
  • Reducing the cost and complexity of content operations.

To learn more, you can experience our curriculum by taking the first class of the boot camp online, or ask for credentials to a trial version of our platform..

About The Brand Publishing Institute

 With competencies in publishing and media, digital transformation, modern sales, and marketing and communications best practices, the Brand Publishing Institute is uniquely qualified to help marketing executives lead the transformation of their organizations from an advertising to a Brand Publishing model. Our team includes leaders from the institutions at the forefront of defining and enabling the emerging discipline of Brand Publishing.

Our education programs, advisory services, best practices events, and solutions are grounded in the time-tested success and insights from years of publishing, digital marketing, go-to-market innovation, digital transformation and change management experience.  The Brand Publishing Institute offers proprietary methodologies and a strategic roadmap for enabling your organization with the skills, processes and systems to generate highly effective marketing content at scale and better support modern marketing.