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Brand publishing – the creation, management, and distribution of marketing and sales Get Teh POP Reportcontent at scale – has become essential the future growth of every business. Marketing content now represents over one quarter of the sales and marketing investment in most companies and is viewed as “the life blood” of modern marketing. The quality, organization, and effectiveness of marketing content increasingly dictate the role and effectiveness of the CMO. The enterprise publishing process directly impacts the ability to drive top line growth with digital, social, and mobile technologies and support core branding, demand generation and selling programs.

Consequently, brand publishing has emerged as a critical corporate competency as marketing organizations and their agencies struggle to create the high quality, contextual, well-structured marketing content essential to the success of virtually every modern marketing program.

To meet this challenge, marketing executives are establishing publishing organizations and editorial systems to support the creation of marketing content at scale in every line of business. These brand publishing systems will require a new set of skills, competencies and capabilities from line marketers and the agencies that support them.

96% of the global marketing executives surveyed by Forbes in this study agree that effective marketing content is now essential to achieving their growth goals .“The quality and organization of marketing content is now critical to achieving our growth goals—including branding, demand generation, sales and establishing thought leadership with customers”, according to Raja Banerji, Chief Marketing Officer of the Business Group at Tata Consultancy Services, “Marketers that don’t evolve from advertisers to brand publishers are putting their brands and this growth agenda at risk.content drives growth

To help marketing executives and their teams build the competencies, systems, and processes they need to transition to a brand publishing model, Forbes commissioned Stephen Diorio, the director of the Brand Publishing Institute, to direct a best practices research program to help marketing executives to identify practical ways they can optimize and systematize their publishing processes to get the most top line impact from their investment in marketing content. This best practices research program – entitled Publish or Perish is designed to help CMO’s and their teams get control over their publishing process, the greatest top-line impact from their investment in marketing content, and reduce the cost and complexity of content operations.  This comprehensive research initiative was directed by a team of experts, including: Stephen Diorio, Kathy Baughman, and Brad McLane of the Brand Publishing Institute and with decades of experience in publishing processes, content strategy, CMO leadership, and digital publishing.

About the Study – This in-depth 140 page research initiative is based on a quantitative and qualitative survey of 380 marketing executives from around the world, as well as interviews with over 50 subject matter experts, and an in-depth analysis of over a thousand marketing technology solutions with the ability to enable aspects of the brand publishing process. “The new bottom line for marketers is if you want to grow, you better become a publisher”, states Stephen Diorio, who heads Research for the Forbes CMO Practice and authored the report. “Our team of experts spend hundreds of hours researching the latest brand publishing best practices, skills, technologies and competencies. to help senior marketing executives lead the transformation of their organizations from an advertising to a publishing model”.

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