New Publish or Perish Report Shows that Brand Publishing has become essential to the future growth of every business and critical to the success of the CMO

In-depth analysis of marketing best practices by Forbes reveals best practices, systems, and technologies marketing executives can use to better manage the cost, complexity and top line impact of their content operations

(December 8, 2016). Today, The newly formed Forbes CMO Practice released the report Publish or Perish: A CMO Roadmap for Managing, Systematizing and Optimizing the Marketing Content Supply Chain” which reveals that publishing has emerged as a critical marketing discipline that is now essential to top line growth and managing the challenge of producing, managing, distributing and optimizing high quality marketing content.

This in-depth analysis of marketing best practices and solutions was sponsored by Forbes and written by Stephen Diorio of the Brand Publishing Institute. The report confirms that Brand Publishing—defined as the production, management, distribution and optimization of marketing and sales content at scale in a marketing organization— is central to achieving virtually every program on the executive growth agenda and increasingly defines the role, and success of the CMO.

The study found that 96% of the global marketing executives surveyed by Forbes agree that effective marketing content is now essential to achieving their growth goals .“The quality and organization of marketing content is now critical to achieving our growth goals—including branding, demand generation, sales and establishing thought leadership with customers”, according to Raja Banerji, Chief Marketing Officer of the Business Group at Tata Consultancy Services, “Marketers that don’t evolve from advertisers to brand publishers are putting their brands and this growth agenda at risk.

This comprehensive research initiative is based on a quantitative and qualitative survey of 380 marketing executives from around the world, as well as interviews with over 50 subject matter experts, and an in-depth analysis of over a thousand marketing technology solutions with the ability to enable aspects of the brand publishing process. “The new bottom line for marketers is if you want to grow, you better become a publisher”, states Stephen Diorio, who also serves as the head of research for the newly formed Forbes CMO Practice. “Our team of experts spend hundreds of hours researching the latest brand publishing best practices, skills, technologies and competencies. to help senior marketing executives lead the transformation of their organizations from an advertising to a publishing model”. The Publish or Perish best practices report is designed to help CMO’s and their teams get control over their publishing process, the greatest top-line impact from their investment in marketing content, and reduce the cost and complexity of content operations.

According to the study, marketing executives increasing their investment in marketing content – in the form of marketing videos, white papers, collateral, articles, case studies, blogs and training resources – to fuel advanced digital, social and mobile marketing and sales programs and personalized client experiences.

This in-depth 128-page best practices analysis identified seven key points of control and leverage in the enterprise publishing process, and explains how leading marketers are leveraging technology to reduce the growing cost and complexity of their content operations.

Key Findings from the Study:

  • Managing the growing cost and complexity of content operations is a critical CMO pain point. Many of the marketing executives interviewed in this study are concerned about the complexity, inefficiency and ineffectiveness of their organization’s current method of managing and distributing content. The study found forecasts that marketers will need to find ways to optimize their content operations and fundamentally reduce the cost and complexity of producing and managing the volume and quality of marketing content needed to support modern sales and marketing programs. “Content marketing and sales enablement now collide in a bewildering array of technologies and opportunities, creating huge opportunities for some and uncertainty for most”, Bruce Rogers, the Director of the Forbes CMO Practice and sponsor of the research. “The paradigm shift to publishing is not yet well understood. Our ongoing research in this arena suggests that CMOs are not yet very good at managing, distributing and “optimizing” the content they create—a process now critical to growing the top line”.
  • The CMO must become a publisher to effectively build brands, engage customers and support sales. Of the CMOs surveyed, 93% agree that their organizations must develop a publishing function in order to execute their growth agenda and manage the rising cost and complexity of content operations. To lead this transformation from within their marketing operations, marketing executives are increasingly casting themselves in the role of publisher. “At this point, most brands have decided that they are publishers. Now they are trying to figure out the nuts and bolts of what publishing means in a corporate marketing environment from a people, process, incentives, skills and systems perspective,” according to Kathy Baughman, the founder of ComBlu and an expert contributor to the project.
  • Marketers must simplify, streamline and automate their publishing processes if they expect to grow effectively and manage the rapidly cost and complexity of content operations. Over 80% of CMOs surveyed report they have already started working with their peers in sales, IT, HR and finance to establish editorial organizations and systems to support the creation, management and distribution of sales and marketing content at scale in every line of business. The Forbes analysis outlines what steps they need to take to successfully simplify, streamline and automate their publishing processes, including vendor selection guidance that CMOs can use to sort, rank and prioritize their technology approach:
  • The top 100 Brand Publishing technologies to enable content production, management, distribution and optimization.
  • Profiles of the technology partners most qualified to help the CMO establish a publishing technology roadmap, including Adobe, Oracle, Percolate, and
  • Vendor selection guidance that CMOs can use to sort, rank and prioritize their technology approach.
  • Marketers who do not optimize their publishing process are putting their growth plans at risk. The research quantifies how as marketers adopt more-advanced and personalized marketing practices, the volume of marketing content and the complexity of managing it will continue to grow. Over time, the demand for well-organized, high-quality marketing content threatens to outgrow the labor-intensive content production and management systems that prevail in most marketing organizations. According to Brad McLane, one of the experts behind the report and the managing director of RSR Partners, “CMOs that do not make the transition from marketing to publishing (content, curation and community) put their growth strategies—and careers—at risk.”

A summary of the findings and the full report is on sale at the Forbes CMO Practice web site at

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