Thought Leadership Programs

A thought leadership program is a systematic approach to delivering new ideas, relevant advice, and compelling solutions to prospects, customers, and influencers, using new and existing sales, marketing, and media channels.

Thought leadership program graphic

Why it makes sense:

The notion of establishing thought leadership has emerged as a top priority with sales and marketing executives. Growth-starved organizations are looking for ways to differentiate themselves with new ideas, education, and relevant solutions that address buyer pain and influence their perceptions of value.  Marketing executives are learning that subject matter expertise and a strong point of view are now essential to success in the digital, social, and mobile channels that buyers use to during the majority of the buying process.  Sales executives realize original research and compelling insights make it easier to open doors, start quality customer conversations, generate referrals, and cross sell solutions.

Despite the growing importance of thought leadership to top line growth, it receives more lip service than program dollars in actual practice.  Most organizations fail to put “muscle” behind the idea by executing disciplined Thought Leadership Programs in sales, marketing and media channels. There are three steps to executing a thought leadership selling program that can drive measurable sales growth in one sales quarter:

3 Steps to a TLP

The faculty and media partners of the  Brand Publishing Institute can help your organization to define and execute fully integrated thought leadership marketing programs that will drive measurable sales outcomes by:

  • Helping to define a thought leadership agenda and content architecture that helps focus, package and deliver a consistent point of view to the market using the sales, marketing and media channels at its disposal
  • Assembling,  repackaging, and creating original thought leadership marketing assets that credibly differentiate your brand with ideas, insights and relevant solutions and directly support your value messaging, selling story,  and go-to-market process
  • Defining and executing a sales programs  by creating sales playbooks, training, and value conversation tools needed to effectively engage clients and drive measurable results with your target customers
  • Promoting, amplifying, and distributing these marketing assets to target customers, prospects and influencers using unique mix of  owned and earned digital marketing channels, and branded co-sponsorship with media partners, and social marketing channels.