Watch Our “Bridging the Sales Productivity Gap” Best-Practices Webinar

rbridgingSales enablement offers a potent formula for improving sales productivity. Skills, content, technology – the pieces are all there, but so are the challenges. How do you execute in a way that’s scalable, repeatable, and effective? In other words, how do you make sales enablement work?

In this webinar, Stephen Diorio – Director of the Brand Publishing Institute and leader of Forbes’s CMO research efforts – heads a panel of experts in a detailed discussion of what characterizes successful sales enablement initiatives. This session features new research from Brainshark and Forbes Insights, to reveal why sales productivity is the most important business priority for today’s executives.

Watch a recording of Mr. Diorio and his panelists – Joe Gustafson, CEO of Brainshark, and Jeff McKittrick, Director of Sales Enablement at Cisco Systems – as they discuss the key findings from the Forbes Insights research, and also explore:

  • What separates leaders in sales productivity from organizations that are still struggling with this critical issue
  • The key role of content in sales productivity
  • Strategies for improving sales effectiveness.
Watch our Webinsr
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