Brand Publishing Executive Workshop Overview

The Brand Publishing Institute offers on site Executive Workshops to teach marketing leaders and the their extended teams practical and fundamental ways to plan, source, target, manage, distribute and track highly effective marketing content that drives measurable for their organizations.

This four hour on-site executive workshop is designed to teach CMO’s and their extended team’s practical ways to sustainably create the quality of marketing content they need to grow, while managing the cost and complexity of content operations. Using our proprietary Brand Publishing methodology, best practices research workbooks, and online certification program, experts from the Brand Publishing Institute will teach your marketing team ten core competencies they can apply in day-to-day content operations that will help them:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how they support the publishing process in their organization;
  • Meet changing customer expectations for relevant, insightful, and interactive content;
  • Reduce the cost of sourcing, managing, and distributing content across the enterprise.
  • Increase the utilization and ROI of mobile, social and digital marketing technologies;
  • Execute on targeting and analytics to deliver personalized content experiences;
  • Quickly and proactively deliver the right content to your sales team in selling situations;
  • Plan, produce, and target marketing content that achieves collective business goals.

This program will benefit the CMO and the first line managers, practitioners, agencies, and contributors, who need to work as a team to produce, manage, distribute and optimize the marketing content essential to the corporate growth agenda. Our team will customize an agenda to suit your process and business goals.

Establishing A Baseline: Why Marketers Need to Become Publishers

  1. Why Brand Publishing has become so critical to growth;
  2. The challenge of producing, managing, and distributing marketing content at scale;
  3. The imperative to transform marketing and adopt Brand Publishing practices;
  4. Ten Brand Publishing core competencies marketing organizations need to succeed

Applying The Principles of Publishing to a Corporate Marketing Environment

  1. Establishing an editorial structure and a disciplined approach to planning content
  2. The keys to efficient content sourcing and creation in the digital age
  3. Targeting and organizing content for impact, effectiveness, and personalization
  4. A federated model for governing content in a complex and changing environment
  5. Assembling modular content elements into highly effective marketing assets
  6. Distributing content in many sales, marketing and media channels
  7. Understanding, measuring, and managing the economics of content operations

Building a Brand Publishing Center of Excellence

  1. Strategies for architecting content for impact, consistency, and reuse
  2. Publishing skills that marketing executives need to acquire, develop and transfer
  3. Leveraging technology to streamline and systematize the publishing process

Action Plan: Putting Brand Publishing Principles to work in your job

  1. Benchmarking your organizational maturity against best-n-class marketing organizations
  2. Identifying the key points of leverage and scale in your enterprise publishing process
  3. Ranking the top short term and long term action priorities for your team to pursue
  4. Identifying and educating the key stakeholders that support the enterprise publishing process



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